Depends Again

I just picked up another package of Depend diapers.  It is getting really hard to find Depend briefs.  You used to be able to head to any drugstore, Meijer, or Walmart and pick up a package.  Now, I can only find them at one drugstore here in town.  I really hope this tend changes.  Anyway, enjoy the photos.

AB/DL’s Hate Depends, I Don’t

So, this is what Depend diapers looked like when I started wearing them.  They were a pale green, held a lot, and were loud. Today they are white with a few pale green accents.  I have no idea whey so many AB/DL’s have such bad things to say about Depend diapers as I happen to like them very much.  Today they are still loud and hold a decent about when you wee.  They also have elastic and three tapes for a secure fit.

From the reviews I have read about adult diapers it seems that may that enjoy wearing diapers like put one on in the morning and not change until they go to bed.  I don’t like sitting around all day in a wet diapers.  Depends will not allow one to wet them all day without leaking.  They will hold 2 good wetting which is when I’m usually ready for a change.  If you have’t tapped on a Depend in awhile I think you should.  They a nice diaper for DL’s.

Diapered Couple

These are two more friends from FetLife that have a nice Tumblr site.  They have been sharing diapered photos for a very long time and you may have come across them on various diaper community sites.  They have added a lot of nice photos to their Tumblr site which you can see here.

The Daily Crinkle

I met a girl with a blog on FetLife and thought I’d share.  Her name is Paige and you can find her blog here.  Her blog is called The Daily Crinkle and she uses it to share her thoughts and likes with everyone.  If you’ve got a few minutes you should check it out.

Wet Depends

Today I got to wear vintage Depends from the late 90’s all morning.  They were soaked when I took them off.  I found this vintage package at a small pharmacy a few weeks ago.  I started really getting into diapers when I was in high school and these were the first big update I remember.  In another post I might compare them to Depend’s current diaper.